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In KULLI, as we have been working with families, we have realized about the necessities we have in order to keep on working in favor of more than 100 families’ lives. In the following lines, we will show you our two main needs:


  • Social worker

We cannot cover all families’ needs and social situations since we do not have enough social work area staff. We need at least two social workers.

  • Psychology

We cannot cover all families’ need and psycho-social  situations since we do not have all the psychology areas. We need at least a permanent psychologist to work with these families and children as there are some aspects that need to be treated by a mental health professional.

  • Accountancy salary in Perú

Until now, accountancy has been done by an agency as friends and they collect 300 soles per month as a personal favour. We need to be prepare for the moment this person decides to stop this service because the time invested in the NGO is not economically worth. This kind of work is not so cheap in Perú.

  • Administrator hiring in Spain

We need to hire an administrator in Madrid for when we receive economic help. Its cost is 30€ per month approximately.

  • Salary increase for the domestic employee

Currently, there is a woman, who is a NGO’s beneficiary, that is supporting us in the office-house with the cleaning as well as meals preparation. However, we cannot afford paying hel the minimum salary nor insure her in a health insurance. That is the reason why we believe it is paramount to rise her payment to the minimum salary.

  • External lawyer to hire on certain occasions

We do not have any professional support in the law area, and it is essential to hire a lawyer not permanently, but in an external way. In other words, we need someone to take care not only of the NGO cases, but also of those of the families in terms of gender-based violence, child abuse, etc.


We need to extend the Projects’ Center area (between 3 and 4 floors) in order to make it a multi-functional place to locate a shelter for families and underages victims of violence or socially vulnerable. We want to create a multi-functional place where families in extreme situations due to gender violence can stay. It would not only be a place for temporarily living, but also a place to carry out productive workshops, build up a soup kitchen where these families and the community can eat a menu every day as well as having, in this same place, their children in Montessori project and the community.

Currently, the building is made of adobe (dough made of mud in brick’s shape and sun-dried) and, consequently, it is a precarious material. Moreover, it was built without any map or structure though in order to build up more floors or multi-functional spaces, so we need a new building made of good bricks, designed and long-lasting structures.

Areas of the project’s center:

  • Classrooms in order to keep teaching the children of the KULLI’s families using Montessori methodology.
  • Classrooms to carry out the workshops for the parents.
  • Hall.
  • Soup kitchen’s canteen.
  • Psychology/ social work place.
  • Amusement area in order to carry out activities related to integration.
  • Bed to put up mother who suffer gender violence and report it.


  • Two security guards taking care of the security of the centre 24 hours. The centre is located in Alto Trujillo which is a zone with high precariousness.
  • Water, light… maintenance.
  • Furnitures.
  • Septic tank (explained in detail in the next point)

Septic tank construction in the Project’s Centre

Currently we have a tank in which a channeling with pipes have been done. However, as time goes, the tank will fill out of waste and water and we will not have the possibility of using it again. Consequently, a new tank would have to be done, and this way once and again. We will have to wait at least 15 years so that there is a public sewer system in this area. That is the reason why we need a septic tank. A septic tank is a closed cavity used to enable decomposition and separation of the organic material of the waste water.


From 2015 to 2017, 71 families have been sponsored, although there are 41 families with just one godfather/godmother and 30 families with more than one godfather/godmother. Among those sponsored families, there are 117 minors who have the opportunity to study in a public or private educational institution as follows:

  • 22 minors studying at Solaris school (known as Intervida): placed in Barrio 6A, Mz. H, Lt. 01 del centro poblado Alto Trujillo.
  • 61 minors studying in I.E. Virgen del Carmen: placed in Barrio 5, Mz. A, Lt. 01 del Centro Poblado Alto Trujillo.
  • 4 minors studying in I.E. Alto Trujillo: placed in the 6A neighbourhood in the  Centro Poblado Alto Trujillo.
  • 1 minor studying in I.E. Virú: placed in Provincia de Virú, Región la Libertad.
  • 1 minor studying in I.E. Jardín Municipal: placed in 6B neighbourhood, Armando Villanueva del Campo.
  • 6 minors studying in I.E. Harvard: place in Atahualpa street N° 521, Urb. Santa María, Ciudad de Trujillo.
  • 1 minor finished his secondary studies in I.E. Harvard.
  • 4 minors about to start in public schools.

Apart from those families who are sponsored by us, there are 17 minors who have the chance to attend  our MONTESSORI project.

Hemos logrado la adquisición de un terreno ubicado en el Centro Poblado Alto Trujillo de 400m2, el cual están construidos 200 m2, con material rustico (con ladrillos de barro) SI contamos con energía eléctrica, NO contamos con agua potable, pero hemos instalado un tanque de agua subterráneo y un tanque aéreo que es llenado con bomba eléctrica. NO contamos son desagüe, pero los servicios higiénico tienen la instalación de tuberías a un pozo ciego ubicado fuera del local.

Contamos con un AMBIENTE MULTIFUNCIONAL donde se desarrolla el proyecto montessori y los talleres de capacitación, charlas, asesorías, etc que son dirigidos para el proyecto ayllu (familias).

Se construyó 2 despachos y 4 almacenes. 3 están ubicados dentro del ambiente multifuncional y 1 ambiente sirve de almacén de herramientas en el descampado (patio) 03 baños, 01 para adultos y 02 para niños.

Actualmente desarrollamos en este terreno los 3 proyectos.