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To be an organization integrated in society, committed with it in terms of inclusion, distinguished for the implementation and development of its social projects with the fairest purpose, improving this way most vulnerable population’s quality of life.



Implementation and development of social projects in order to contribute to an improvement of the quality of life as well as social integration and inclusion of most vulnerable people and populations, helping this way to get beyond poverty, extreme poverty and social risk.



  • To contribute to improve the quality of life of families through promotion and development of projects aiming the strengthening of all its members.
  • To ensure free education for underage people in social risk.
  • To promote participation of professionals as a program to exchange academic, science, volunteering and humanity experiences in favor of the neediest.
  • To contribute to ensure the quality of life of people through international volunteering.



We build on an approach to develop equality as well as human capacities in order to enjoy human freedom and access to fair opportunities.

Team Work

Team work means coordinating and integrating different people’s effort to get a result; in other words, coming together for the same motive.

Service Vocation

Service is an attitude to life. It is giving to help a process achievement, get a need, a demand or a request solved, or satisfying someone’s expectation whilst the giver as well as the recipient feel satisfied.


We work for common good. We believe in collective building in which everyone is subject and responsable who promotes fair relationships among not only nations but also peoples and takes action against injustice.


Our work is based on honesty, mutual responsibility and maximum access to information, as pillars of social and economic accountability.


Responsibility is to understand that some guidelines and rules need to be followed. It also means to contribute to the development and harmony of the environment we are in as well as the people we interact with.


Respect is the essential bases for achieving a healthy and peaceful coexistence among the members of a society. So that it can be put in practice a clear notion of fundamental rights of each person must be understood. Among those fundamental rights, the following can be underlined: the right to life, the right to enjoy their freedom, to have their belongings or to protect their privacy.


Equity, according to its etymological meaning, is a word that means the same and it consists on giving each person its part depending on their needs, merits, capacities and characteristics.

Human Dignity

We work towards people’s well-being based on ethics, respect for diversity and the promotion of human rights.  We understand poverty and inequality as affronts against social justice.


The sustained effort needed in order to achieve all those goals and aims we decide and the ability to look for solutions as well as overcome obstacle we encounter during our way.

Social Justice

We build on an approach to develop equality as well as human capacities in order to enjoy human freedom and access to fair opportunities.

Against Violence

We build a society based on peace and not on violence.