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We are a Non-Governmental Development Organization (NGDO) created and registered in 2015 in Perú. Even though we do not have enough economic, human and material resources, we work every day in benefit of the poorest and most vulnerable families in Trujillo city – Perú, more specifically in the Population Centre ALTO TRUJILLO. KULLI NGDO is not linked to politics, neither religion. We look for the development of the families of the Population Centre so that they can fight against poverty and extreme poverty. That is the reason why we help families without making any distinction because of race, ethnic group, religion or gender.


Families and underage people are the ones considered the most defenceless and vulnerable in society. That is why they are our priority in the objectives of the Non-Governmental Development Organization Kulli. That way, the organization helps them improve their life quality and conditions through short as well as long term projects, focusing on socio-familiar support and educative area. We believe in the potential of the people we help and that is why we make them part of this process of change, giving them tools so that they become their own agents of change.